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Submitted on
May 29, 2011


3,434 (6 today)
Run by: :iconwinter-ame:

Edit: Go Radio has been added to the Fearless Records Crew!
Edit: Amely has been added to the Fearless Records Crew!
Edit: For All Those Sleeping have been added to the Fearless Records Crew!
Edit: I winter-ame Changed my second person from Kyle Simmons of A Skylit Drive to Brandon Walden of Amely. And no you can't have two like me.
Edit: The Aquabats! is added to the Fearless Records Crew!
Edit: Eve 6 is added to the Fearless Records Crew!
Edit: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and The Static Jacks are added to the Fearless Records Crew!
Edit: Pierce The Veil is added to the Fearless Records Crew!
Edit: Tonight Alive is added to the Fearless Records Crew!
Edit: Forever The Sickest Kids, Get Scared, Lostprophets, The Summer Set, and Upon This Dawning are added /to the Fearless Records Crew! Also each band is current (7/23/2013) with the band members.

Now before I start, I give all credit for this idea to who I found it from, these wonderful crews:

Band-Slash Crew
Celebrities Crew
Fueled By Ramen Crew
Hetalia Crew

How to be added:

:bulletblue:Post a comment on this journal requesting who you would like to be.
:bulletblue:Do not request someone who is taken.
:bulletblue:Once part of the crew, please put the bold words below into your ID, journal, and/or signature.
:bulletblue:Join the group!

< a href="http ://fansoffearbands.devianta">I am (insert Fearless Records band member name here) in dA's Fearless Records Crew!</ a>

Without spaces (except between 'a' and 'href' ).

If your having trouble the spaces you need to delete are:
Before the 'A' in 'a href'
After the first 'P'
After the 'A' in 'deviantart'
Before the 'A' in '/a'

:bulletblue:If you would like to change your member, then please note me.
:bulletblue:If a person is repeated, there is another chance to get that person. For example Joey Wilson.
:bulletblue:Also please advertise this crew when possible.
:bulletblue:If the account holding a place in the crew is deactivated/banned, moved, or been gone for more then 30 weeks, it is open for a new place holder! If you move accounts and still want to be that person then message the group ASAP!



:iconxxsasukeuchiha4evaxx: is Shawn Milke
:iconangelicchaos01: is Shane Crump
:iconsarahgladdon: is Dennis Lee
:iconhippo-hippy: is Jake Campbell
:icontrinityfox: is Patrick Thompson
______ is Jeremy Bryan
______ is James Milbrandt (Touring member)
______ is Jacklyn Kay (Touring member)

Former Members

______ is Adam Ferguson
______ is Steven Tomany
______ is Will Anderson
______ is Daniel Magnuson
:icondeadlydeviant14: is Alex Torres


:iconmeeganurufu: is Petie Pizarro
:iconwinter-ame-too: is Brandon Walden
______ is Patrick Ridgen
______ is Nate Parsell

Artist Vs Poet

______ is Joe Kirkland
______ is Jason Dean
______ is Dylan Stevens

Former Members

______ is Craig Calloway
______ is Cale Kanack
______ is Jeff Olsen
______ is Joeyy Devlin
______ is Patrick Rigden
:iconsingingsaturdays: is Tarcy Thomason
______ is Joe Westbrook

The Aquabats!

______ is The MC Bat Commander
______ is Crash McLarson
______ is Jimmy the Robot
______ is Ricky Fitness
______ is Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk

Former Members
______ is Gumby
______ is Roddy B.
______ is Ben The Brain
______ is Prince Adam
______ is Ultra Kyu
______ is Nacho
______ is Chainsaw the Prince of Karate
______ is Catboy
______ is The Baron von Tito
______ is Doctor Rock


:iconwinter-ame: is Beau Bokan
:icondmgirl12: is Jared Warth
:iconcasey382: is Matt Traynor
:iconxxfeexx: is Eric Lambert
______ is Elliott Gruenberg

Former Members

:iconmcgillicaty: is Craig Mabbitt
:iconisthisworthit15: is Michael Frisby
______ is Miles Bergsma

Breathe Carolina

:iconravelegend: is David Schmitt
:iconcherryfreezie777: is Kyle Even
______ is Clay Cornelius(Touring member)
______ is Eric Armenta (Touring member)
:iconkurisutaru-kisu: is Joshua Andrew (Touring member)
______ is Luis Bonet (Touring member)

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

______ is Bertrand Poncet
______ is …ric Poncet
______ is Jonathan DonnaŽs
______ is Mathias Rigal
______ is Paul Wilson

Eve 6

______ is Jon Siebels
______ is Max Collins
______ is Tony Fagenson

Former Members

______ is Matt Bair
______ is Nick Meyers

Every Avenue

______ is David Ryan Strauchman
______ is Dennis Wilson
______ is Joshua Withenshaw
______ is Jimmie Deeghan
______ is Matt Black

Former Members

______ is Cameron Grestiner
______ is Jason Letkiewicz
______ is Michael Govaere

Eye Alaska

______ is Brandon Wronski
______ is Cameron Trowbridge
______ is Chase Kensrue
______ is Christopher Osegueda
______ is Han Ko

For All Those Sleeping

______ is Mike Champa
:iconchibiinubaka: is London Snetsinger
______ is Jerad Pierskalla
______ is David Volgman-Stevens
______ is Ethan Trekell

Forever The Sickest Kids

______ is Jonathan Cook
______ is Austin Bello
______ is Caleb Turman
______ is Kyle Burns

Former Members

______ is Marc Stewart
______ is Kent Garrison

Get Scared

______ is Nicholas Matthews
______ is Jonathan Braddock
______ is Bradley Iverson
______ is Dan Juarez
______ is Adam Virostko

Former Members

______ is Joel Faviere
______ is Warren Peace
______ is Logan V.
______ is RJ Meza

Go Radio

:iconboringhorror: is Jason Lancaster
______ is Alex Reed
______ is Matt "Burns" Poulos
______ is Steven Kopacz

Former Members

______ is Tony Planas
______ is Patrick Hosey

Lets Get It

______ is Joe
______ is Chris
:iconxxnattypatattyxx: is Tyler
______ is Kevin
______ is Taylor


______ is Ian Watkins
______ is Jamie Oliver
______ is Lee Gaze
______ is Mike Lewis
______ is Stuart Richardson
______ is Luke Johnson

Former Members

______ is DJ Stepzak
______ is Mike Chiplin
______ is Ilan Rubin

The Maine

:iconmcrfansister: is John O'Callaghan
______ is Garrett Nickelsen
:iconzombiecup: is Pat Kirch
______ is Kennedy Brock
:iconkaileyt9: is Jared Monaco

Former Members

:iconfueledbybeckett: is Ryan Osterman
______ is Alex Ross

Mayday Parade

______ is Derek Sanders
:iconeskimuffin: is Jeremy Lenzo
:iconttteok: is Alex Garcia
______ is Brooks Betts
______ is Jake Bundrick

Former Members

______ is Jason Lancaster

Motionless in White

______ is Christopher "Chris Motionless" Cerulli
:iconxxblackabyssxx: is Richard "Ricky Horror" Olson
:iconhuckleberriebunn101: is Joshua Balz
______ is Ryan Sitkowski
______ is Devin "Ghost" Sola
______ is Brandon "Rage" Richter

Former Members

______ is Thomas "TJ" Bell
______ is Kyle White
______ is Frank Polumbo
______ is Mike Costanza
______ is Angelo Parente

Pierce The Veil

:iconmissioncomplete: is Vic Fuentes
______ is Mike Fuentes
______ is Jaime Preciado
______ is Tony Perry

A Skylit Drive

______ is Michael "Jag" Jagmin
:iconmsbrandydoll: is Cory La Quay
______ is Kyle Simmons
:iconzulas-apperentice: is Nick Miller
______ is Brian White

Former Members

______ is Jordan Blake
______ is Jeremiah Patterson
:iconrayray-152: is Joey Wilson
:iconyakuza-neko: is Jonny Craig (Touring member)
______ is Craig Mabbitt (Touring member)

Sparks the Rescue

:iconsomethingsmall: is Alex Roy
:iconmonkey678ruby: is Toby McAllister
______ is Matt Petrin
______ is Nick Bilotta

Former Members

______ is Marty Mcmorrow
______ is Patrick O'Connell
______ is Ben Briggs
______ is Nathan Spencer
______ is David Pait
______ is Mike Naran
______ is Dylan Taylor

The Static Jacks

______ is Henry Kaye
______ is Ian Devaney
______ is Michael Sue-Poi
______ is Nick Brennan

A Static Lullaby

______ is Joe Brown
______ is Dan Arnold
______ is Matt Faukner
______ is Brett Dinovo
______ is Kris Comeaux

Former Members

______ is Phil Pirrone
______ is Nate Lindeman
______ is Tyler Mahurin
______ is Dane Poppin
______ is Jarrod Alexander
______ is John Death

The Summer Set

______ is Brian Dales
______ is Stephen Gomez
______ is Josh Montgomery
______ is Jess Bowen
______ is John Gomez

Former Members

______ is Kennedy Brock

Tonight Alive

______ is Jenna McDougall
______ is Whakaio Taahi
______ is Jake Hardy
______ is Cam Adler
______ is Matt Best

Former Members

______ is Mitchell Stanger

Upon This Dawning

______ is Gianluca Molinari
______ is Matteo Botticini
______ is Luca Orio
______ is Carlo Todeschini
______ is Andrea Moserle
______ is Matteo Leone

The Word Alive

______ is Tyler "Telle" Smith
______ is Zack Hansen
______ is Tony Pizzuti
______ is Daniel Shapiro
______ is Luke Holland

Former Members

:iconmusicfantic: is Craig Mabbitt
______ is Dusty Riach
______ is Tony Aguilera
______ is Justin Salinas
______ is Nick Urlacher

~Ronnie :iconwinter-ame:


Club Owners (Founder):


Club Members:
See front page

Club Affiliates:
See front page
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MnMFoShizzle Nov 13, 2011
Can I change from Brian White to Joe Kirkland? :3 I love AVP :D
Yes you can, just use the link (change your current link from Brian to Joe)! :D
MnMFoShizzle Nov 15, 2011
Yay thanks :D
xxFEExx Nov 13, 2011  Student General Artist
Pretty please
Yes you can, just use the link (change your current link from Telle to Eric)! :D
xxFEExx Nov 14, 2011  Student General Artist
Yuss!! Thank you (:
monkey678ruby Sep 30, 2011  Student General Artist
Just wanted to let you know that Ben Briggs is no longer in Sparks the Rescue, and that David Pait has taken his place as bassist so you can update this. :3
Thank you for telling me. I've been so busy with school I missed this important information. Sorry it took so long to get back to you too.
monkey678ruby Oct 24, 2011  Student General Artist
Haha no problem
I'm extremely late xD
Could I be Jared Warth in BlessTheFall :{D?
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