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Submitted on
December 1, 2009


So you all may be wondering what this club is right? Well this is a club directed at fans of bands on Fearless Records. I decided to make a club like this because some of my favorite bands are on Fearless. I've basically took a great liking to all of the bands that are on Fearless Records, or that we 'support'. Our 'support' bands, are bands that have previously been on Fearless Records.

Please be note that this group is NOT a group for Fearless Records, we support the BANDS on Fearless Records. There's a difference.

This club is basically where you submit fanart directed at Fearless Bands. I will try to update any group members about what the bands are currently doing. For example new album releases, tour dates (when I get around to it), and stuff along those lines. If anyone would like to help me as well, they are welcome to do it. Just note me.

I'm not alone here too. Also co-founder, MissionComplete helps out around the group as well.


Ok now some rules you need to know before joining the club:

1. Absolutely no haters. If you hate one of the bands on Fearless, but like another, please do NOT hate the bands. All bands work hard to do what they're doing. We will not tolerate haters. They will not be allowed in the group.

2. When chatting, refrain from ALL profanity. The ONLY time ANY curse word is acceptable is when it's in the lyrics of a song and you're quoting a line.

3. Submit artwork to the correct folder. For example Alesana artwork should go to the Alesana folder.

4. Submit artwork related to or inspired by Fearless Record's bands or 'bands we support'. If you submit a deviation inspired by a Fearless Record's bands or 'bands we support', it must be stated clearly it was inspired by a song or band if not it will be REMOVED from the group.

5. When submitting a request for a person on the Fearless Records Crew, do NOT request someone that is already taken.

6. When submitting a request for a song, for the 'Song Of The Week', do NOT request a song that has already been used.

7. Do NOT steal any person's art. This is a rule from Deviantart. I feel the necessity to emphasis this.

8. Have fun in the club. And hope you enjoy being in the club. :]

(Repeated, or severe disregard for any of the rules listed above (excluding #8), will result in the removal and banning from the group. Whether or not a warning is issued.)

How to join (In case you didn't know):

Go to our home page:… and click the button that says 'Join our group'.

How to submit art:

Once you join the go back to the home page:… and click the button that says "gallery". From there you will click the button that's labeled "+Submit to this Gallery". This will then produce a drop-box. From there click "contribute exiting deviation...". There select the deviation you wish to submit to the group. You have to do this next step or the devation may be rejected! Now at the top there's a drop box that says "Fearless Records". Click on the drop box and scroll down until you find the folder you wish to submit to. Please submit things to the correct folder. For things in the "Fearless Records" folder, it pertains to the label, and none of the bands. Then click "submit" and it should be added to the group or waiting for approval from myself.

How to Affiliate:

Navigate to your group's front page. Click the 'Affiliate' button, then type in FansofFearBands. Then click the button 'Request Affiliation'.

Rock On! :iconairguitarsoloplz:



Join the Fearless Records crew!:…

Club Owners (Founder + Co-Founder):


Club Members:
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Club Affiliates:
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