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Submitted on
March 6, 2011


EDIT: If you suggest a song and I decide to use it, on the front page under 'Song of the Week' it'll say suggested by (insert your username here). :3

A few more band until I can start using some of these wonderful requests for 'Song of The Week'. If you request a song for one of the upcoming bands, I will more then likely use that song.

I'm always stumped for what band/song to use for the 'song of the week'. I need some help from you guys! It's easy when something comes out like a new band signs to the label, new album, or new music video. Other then that, some weeks are just like 'I'll roll a dice' xD

So any suggestions for what bands/songs should be on the for the 'song of the week'?

Also I want to go through all the bands before repeating. I'm pretty sure I've already repeated, but can't do anything about this now. So here's a list of the bands that have been used so far (as I could remember)

Bands that have been used:

All bands have been used as of June 26, 2010.

And there's repeats and forgotten bands. D: Well I'll work off of this list.
So any suggestions?

If a link is 'broken' or the video from youtube is removed, please notify me via a comment here or a note to my deviantart winter-ame.

Songs used:

:bulletblue:Curse of the Virgin Canvas
:bulletblue:A Most Profound Quiet
:bulletblue:The Murderer
:bulletblue:The Thespian
:bulletblue:What Goes Around Comes Around [Justin Timberlake cover]

:bulletblue:Hello World
:bulletblue:Sing To You

The Aquabats!:
:bulletblue:Radio Down!
:bulletblue:The Shark Fighter!
:bulletblue:Super Rad

Artist VS Poet:
:bulletblue:Assurance Closure
:bulletblue:Damn Rough Night
:bulletblue:Lisa Marie

:bulletblue:God Wears Gucci
:bulletblue:Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted
:bulletblue:Purple Dog
:bulletblue:To Hell And Back

Breathe Carolina:
:bulletblue:Down [Jay Sean cover]
:bulletblue:Hello Fascination
:bulletblue:I'm The Type Of Person To Take It Personal
:bulletblue:Tripped And Fell In Portland

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!:
:bulletblue:In Friends We Trust

Eve 6:
No Songs Yet!

Every Avenue:
:bulletblue:Fall Apart
:bulletblue:Tell Me I'm a Wreck
:bulletblue:Where Were You?

Eye Alaska:
:bulletblue:American Landslide
:bulletblue:A Storm in the Child's Fountain

For All Those Sleeping:
:bulletblue:I'm Not Dead Yet
:bulletblue:Outbreak Of Heartache

Go Radio:
:bulletblue:Any Other Heart
:bulletblue:Goodnight Moon

Let's Get It:
:bulletblue:Duck Duck Grey Goose
:bulletblue:We Don't Care

The Maine:
:bulletblue:Growing Up
:bulletblue:I Must Be Dreaming
:bulletblue:Listen To Your Heart
:bulletblue:Right Girl
:bulletblue:Santa Stole My Girlfriend
:bulletblue:Untangle Me

Mayday Parade:
:bulletblue:Jamie All Over
:bulletblue:Kids In Love
:bulletblue:In My Head [Jason Derulo cover]
:bulletblue:Save Your Heart
:bulletblue:Terrible Things

Motionless In White:
:bulletblue:Ghosts In the Mirror

Pierce The Veil:
No Songs Yet!

A Skylit Drive:
:bulletblue:Drown The City
:bulletblue:Ex Marks The Spot
:bulletblue:Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) [Journey cover]
:bulletblue:This Isn't The End
:bulletblue:Those Cannons Could Sink A Ship
:bulletblue:Too Little Too Late
:bulletblue:XO Skeleton

Sparks The Rescue:
:bulletblue:Pine Tree State
:bulletblue:We Love Like Vampires
:bulletblue:Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With

The Static Jacks:
No Songs Yet!

A Static Lullaby:
:bulletblue:Everybody's Got A Lil' Fonz N' Em
:bulletblue:Hang Em' High
:bulletblue:Toxic [Britney Spears cover]

Tonight Alive:
No Songs Yet!

The Word Alive:
:bulletblue:Battle Royale
:bulletblue:How To Build An Empire

Song Suggestions:

:bulletblue: Think Twice ~Eve 6 Suggested by: winter-ame
:bulletblue: Autumn ~Sparks The Rescue Suggested by: DMGirl12
:bulletblue:I'm Not Missing You ~Amely Suggested by: winter-ame
:bulletblue: Stay Still ~blessthefall Suggested by: DMGirl12
:bulletblue:That's Classy ~Breathe Carolina Suggested by: winter-ame
:bulletblue: The Dressing Room ~Breathe Carolina Suggested by: DMGirl12
:bulletblue: My Parents Lied ~The Static Jacks Suggested by: winter-ame
:bulletblue: Forever My Father ~Go Radio Suggested by: TaylorStarr
:bulletblue: I Swear That She's The One ~Sparks The Rescue Suggested by: MnMFoShizzle
:bulletblue: Do Not Disturb (Tell Me How Bad) ~Let's Get It Suggested by: MnMFoShizzle
:bulletblue: Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken ~Alesana Suggested by: Foreverspell
:bulletblue: Caraphernelia ~Pierce The Veil Suggested by: Foreverspell
:bulletblue: Welcome To Savannah ~Breathe Carolina Suggested by: AshleighPurdy
:bulletblue: Disasterology ~Pierce The Veil Suggested by: Fymusicfanart
:bulletblue: Lauren's Song ~Breathe Carolina Suggested by: Perewinkle32
:bulletblue: Bulletproof Love ~Pierce the Veil Suggested by: Uke69
:bulletblue: Edge of Heaven ~Breathe Carolina Suggested by: AshleighPurdy
:bulletblue: Get Off Easy ~Breathe Carolina Suggested by: AshleighPurdy
:bulletblue: Meet Me At The Gates ~blessthefall Suggested by: Strider-rumps

Thank you to hiya-its-steph for the linking to the song idea.

Rock On! :iconairguitarsoloplz:



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Strider-rumps Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Meet Me At The Gates - Blessthefall It's from their newest album that was released last week, it's so amazing!
Yeah I love their new album. I'll be sure to add that song to the list! :D
AshleighPurdy Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Are either Edge of Heaven or Get Off Easy by Breathe Carolina on there yet? :3
Nope, I'll add those songs to the list. :D
AshleighPurdy Oct 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
okie! :3
Uke69 Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Bulletproof Love - Pierce the Veil
Awesome, definitely adding it to the list!
Uke69 Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yes! >D
Perewinkle32 Sep 7, 2011  Student General Artist
How about "Lauren's Song" by Breathe Carolina?
Sure, added to the list. :D
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