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Some of you may or may not know this but I'm currently enrolled in a Chemistry major at a California State University. This has considerably cut into my time due to the degree of difficulty in the classes, the time of the classes, and that I'm on a quarter system, which goes considerably faster then the semester system I'm used to. For this I apologize for not writing up one of these in a long time. I'll try to find a schedule where I can do this and complete my school work (which I think is much more important) in a timely manner. If you haven't been keeping up with these bands on your own, your in for a surprise there's a lot of news for all the lost time I've missed.

~Ronnie Miller (aka winter-ame)



So Fansoffearbands is also "moving" to tumblr! Woo. However, this doesn't mean it's leaving Deviantart, just that you can follow it on tumblr now & this blog will also be posted on tumblr either the day of or the day after this blog is posted!. C: The tumblr version also allows you to ask questions (even anonymously), comment (of course), and watch videos directly on the blog.

Check it out:

~Ronnie Miller



This week's 'Artist of the Week' is Tropical-Rain! If you don't know who she is, Tropical-Rain is just an average girl, living in the Netherlands!

(Three newest deviations [at the time of blogging])
:bulletblue: I just love to smoke.
:bulletblue: Sometimes I just go for it
:bulletblue: You need a doctor baby?

You will be sent a note, by winter-ame when chosen as the 'Artist of the Week'.
You can also suggest the 'Artist of the Week', just send the group a note! (You cannot suggest yourself). Remember absolutely anyone who is a member of this group can be the 'Artist Of The Week'!



This week's song is Blackout by Breathe Carolina. This song was suggested by Col912! You can listen to the song below or suggest a song for an upcoming "Song Of The Week".

Blackout by Breathe Carolina
Suggest Your Own Song



This week's Band Of The Week is Tonight Alive.

"It's an unlikely tale. Rising from the fevered hotbed of Sydney, Australia's underground hardcore scene, boy meets girl. Or rather, two boys meet girl to make kick-ass rock music.

Try to keep up - the story goes something like this...

Guitarist Whakaio Taahi and his compadre bass player, Cameron Adler, needed a frontman for a rock project. Scrap that. Frontwoman. Enter ingenue-with-attitude, Jenna McDougall - as soon as the sixteen-year-old songstress' soaring contralto and sweet strains took the mic to their songs, something clicked. Already onboard, rhythm axeman Jake Hardy and new recruit, drummer Matt Best - a childhood buddy of Whakaio's. One jam later, the writing was on the wall. Tonight Alive were up and running, pedal to the metal.

The band stepped up, and fast. Songs honed, stagecraft already a dead cert, they entered Sydney's subterranean circuit of metalcore and heavy bands, playing their own brand of catchy-as-all-hell pop-punk... and promptly took the scene by storm, developing a rabid young fanbase in thrall to the band's ebullient, fist-pumping anthemery, arena-sized hooks and high-voltage live performances. Right from word-go, it was clear Tonight Alive were going somewhere.

A year on, courted by labels and management secured, with two stellar EPs ('All Shapes & Disguises' and 'Consider This') under their belts, a demo of Tonight Alive's new material landed on producer-extraordinaire Mark Trombino's (Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, The Starting Line) desk. He rang the band immediately, wanting in.

"For him to contact us, and say he was interested, was a big deal," says Jenna, now 19. "We couldn't believe he'd put himself out like that. He's amazing. Mark created the albums we all grew up listening to - the albums that launched the careers of all these great bands.

Whakaio weighs in. "Yeah, it felt right that he do our first album, that he be the one to kick-start us off. As soon as we got over there, we found Mark felt the same."

Recorded at LA's infamous NRG Studios over two months, Trombino's personal interest in the project played out in other fortuitous ways. "Nothing was left to editing or over Pro-Tooling," notes Whakaio. "Jenna sang every line until it was right. I played every guitar part. The drum sound is natural and not heavily sampled. There was no copy-pasting. That was really important to us, as well as Mark. That it sound real. Natural."

"It was great because it made us really step up as musicians," says Jenna. "I know I definitely came back from the experience a better singer."

What you're listening to now is the inspired result of that auspicious partnership between a bunch of Aussie kids and an auteur with a canon of classic records already to his name. What Are You So Scared Of? is one more album to add to that list.

As the charging powerchords, chiming verseline and rattlesnake high-hats of Breaking & Entering kick off proceedings, Tonight Alive make their intent known with this instant torch song. Like serving up straight red cordial shots to a bunch of Ritalin-deprived delinquents. Like scooping up a surging circle-pit and slamdunking into a kids' jumping castle. Like a surly prom queen setting her school afire as the So-Cal styled band plays on, What Are You So Scared Of? is a veritable barnstormer of a debut album. Bouncey, infectious and thrilling.

Cue the mosh-happy shout-a-long of Starlight, the sheer infectious fun of Sure as Hell and the sugar-rush of songs like To Die For and the title track. Lending both cred and sporting their influences on their sleeve.

But there's also gravitas to match Tonight Alive's gusto and good time - the balls-out heaviness of Listening, the acoustic-shaded power ballad Safe and Sound, and one of the album's best tracks, Let It Land, all showcase a band with serious songwriting chutzpah. Meanwhile, the moving closer, Amelia, is Jenna's paean to a girlhood friend who passed away aged 16, and packs one powerful emotional punch.

What really lifts Tonight Alive above another female-fronted pop-rock band is their muscular musicality, a deft sense of dynamic, a way of shifting seamlessly from the big riffs and breakdowns, to allow space and the sensibility of Jenna's sweetly sung melodies to shine through. The hardcore heritage has set them in good stead - these kids have some bad-ass chops. Underpinned by Best's impassioned, athletic drumming, the mercurial undertow of Adler's tasteful basswork and Hardy's meat'n' potato riffery, Whakaio lays down the sort of colour, texture and zinging, adrenalizing leadlines that sing like a wire fenceline being drawn taut.

When it comes to fronting Tonight Alive, Jenna is all heart and zero artifice - plus, this gal's got one helluva set of lungs on her. Equal parts sugar and spit, honey and husk, vamp, vitriol and vulnerability, she belts it out, hell for leather. "The weird thing is, even though as a band, we all grew up on bands like Thrice, Sum 41 and Something Corporate, I think what influenced me most, vocally, was stuff as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Missy Higgins, Avril Lavrigne and Fall Out Boy," says Jenna. "Plus I listen to tons of metal, where there's a lot of screaming. I really dig the aggression."

Already with a cult following Stateside, key to the band's burgeoning profile has been the inclusion of songs off their last EP on reality TV show The Hills. Ironic, considering the band are from Sydney's Hills District. "Yeah," laughs Whakaio. "We're the Aussie Hills!"

"We're hoping it'll help us out in the girl department," quips Matt, "That we'll get invited to some Hills launch party in Hollywood. Sadly, it hasn't happened yet."

Perhaps a song on Jersey Shore might tip things in their favour? "God," drawls Jenna. "We hope not."

The band's grounded approach has added to their groundswell appeal. "We started off playing youth centre's," says Whakaio. "And so we all feel like we have a personal connection to so many people who come to our shows. I know that sounds cliched, but it's true - it's almost like we're friends with all of them. We make a point of going out after a gig, making contact with the fans, thanking them, keeping them informed."

So, why the title What Are You So Scared Of? "It's the only question I can ever ask myself where I'll always have an answer," explains Jenna. "Asking myself, 'what are you so scared of?' has always helped me pass through any personal fear or doubt. And it's summed up the last year for us as a band - we've broken new boundaries, stepped up into another league.

"What Are You So Scared Of? is our mission statement, if you like - we're moving forward, dissolving old barriers or blocks."

She's no blonde bombshell, that's for sure, but Jenna and her band may very well be the bomb: Tonight Alive are gonna blow up big-time. Prepare yourself, people. Tonight Alive are here, and they're on fire. "

For the original blog go here:…

Genre: Pop Punk
Years on Fearless Records: 2011-present
Latest Release: What Are You So Scared Of?
All Releases: All Shapes And Disguises, Consider This, Let It Land, What Are You So Scared Of?
Current Members: Jenna McDougall, Whakaio Taahi, Jake Hardy, Cam Adler, Matt Best

Tonight Alive
Check out their music!
Tonight Alive's Website

Sorry not taking requests for band of the week unless you are a contributor or co-founder.



Alesana released their fourth studio album A Place Where The Sun Is Silent on October 18th. It's currently available for purchase and download.



Amely announced their break-up on November 1, 2011. They have stated that Petie, Nate and Patrick will still continue making music together as Sovereign Soldiers a rock band, while Brandon will continue with his solo project. Amely also announced they will release a "farewell" EP entitled The Raleigh Sessions available for download from iTunes and Spotify on November 21.  They currently released the first song off their self-produced EP entitled "Back To Love", which is currently available for download. Check it out below:

Back To Love


1. Back to Love
2. Hold On
3. Sell Your Alibi
4. Wasted Love
5. I'll Never Be The Only One
6. The Girl She Is
7. Fallen

The Raleigh Sessions Artwork

Regarding their break-up this is what Amely had to say on the matter:

"Dear friends, family, and dearest fans,

We regret the news that many of you have feared, but the time has come where Amely is no more.

This decision did not come lightly and was the effect of a great
number of things that seemed beyond our control. It has been a more
than amazing journey with our best friends and this destination we've
now reached is not an end, it is a new beginning. Although we have
been extremely discouraged by the discourse that fell upon us, we have
not let it knock us down and we hope that you can stay strong with all
of us.

Since the start of this year and even before that we have been
writing for what we intended to be our first full-length album. As the
chance to professionally produce our music appeared to grow further in
distance we took it upon ourselves to record the songs that we had
poured our hearts into. After combining the diverse and plenty skills
of all 4 of us, these home recordings are all that's left of Amely. We
believe this is some of our greatest work and we want to be able to
share it with you. Though it may come as a parting gift, we hope this
collection of songs finds you well. It may be the remains of Amely,
but we hope it reminds you, this is not the end.

- Petie, Brandon, Patrick, and Nate"

Amely Farewell Announcement

Sovereign Soldiers
Brandon Shane Walden



Artist VS Poet released a new song entitled Doin' Alright, and their cover of Nicki Minaj's song Super Bass. Check it out below:

Artist Vs Poet: Doin' Alright
Super Bass Cover

Jason doing the Master Cleanse



Blessthefall released their third studio album Awakening on October 4th. It's currently available for purchase and download. Blessthefall also released a new music video for their song "Promised Ones". Check it out below:

Blessthefall - "Promised Ones" Official Music Video



On September 23, 2011 Eye Alaska announced their break-up. Although it was stated that the musicians will not continue in the music industry, the lead vocalist Brandon Wronski "launched" a solo project under an the name "Roy English".

Regarding their break-up this is what Eye Alaska had to say on the matter:

"It seems like a lifetime ago the five of us started this journey as Eye Alaska. When we first piled into our touring van, we had no idea that we would take this band as far as we did. We met so many amazing people, explored so many places, and have all been changed forever by the experience. We’ve all realized the true impact of how music and the people behind the music can affect and ultimately change a person’s life.

This last year and a half has been a time of intense soul searching for all of us. That search has led us all on different paths. Some out of music altogether and some to pursue music in a different way.

We hope that the vision of Eye Alaska will live on with fans, and we hope that you will grow with us as we transition into different adventures in music and in life. We will never forget how you have changed us. Thank you

-Eye Alaska


18.15.25. / /
/and/ /"

Also check out Roy English's music:…



The Fearless Records Crew is looking for recruits! Many band members are "available" such as Eric Lambert & Jared Warth of blessthefall, Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade, Michael "Jag" Jagmin & Kyle Simmons of A Skylit Drive as well as many, many others. Join today. (Must follow rules to join and must be a member of fansoffearbands, either on here or tumblr) ;)…



Go Radio released a music video for their song "Goodnight Moon" off their EP "Do Overs And Second Chances". Check it out below:

Go Radio - Goodnight Moon



The Maine announced their third studio album entitled "Pioneer" set to be released in the United States on December 6, 2011.


1.  Identify   
2. My Heroine   
3. Time
4. Some Days   
5. I'm Sorry
6. Don't Give Up On "Us"   
7. Misery
8. When I'm At Home   
9. Thinking Of You
10. Jenny
11. Like We Did (Windows Down)   
12. While Listening To Rock & Roll   
13. Waiting For My Sun to Shine

Pioneer Artwork

The Maine- Fall tour 2011 update 3
Happy Halloween from The Maine
The Maine - Don't Give Up On "Us"
The Maine- Don't Give Up On "Us" Guitar Lesson
The Maine- Don't Give Up On "Us" Official lyric video
The Maine- Pioneer listening parties
The Maine - Studio Update #1
Pioneer "Track By Track" - Don't Give Up On "Us"
The Maine Presents: Pioneer



Mayday Parade released a music video for their song "Oh Well, Oh Well" off their latest album "Mayday Parade". Check it out below:

Mayday Parade - "Oh Well, Oh Well (Director's Cut)"



Motionless In White - "Immaculate Misconception" Official Music Video"



Pierce The Veil - "Just The Way You Are" Studio Video (PGP4 cover)



Punk Goes Pop 4 will be released in the United States on November 21, 2011. It's currently available for pre-order.

Purchase Now


1. Yeah 3x (Chris Brown) by Allstar Weekend
2. Love The Way You Lie (Eminem featuring Rihanna) by A Skylit Drive
3. We R Who We R (Ke$ha) by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
4. You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift) by For All Those Sleeping
5. Rolling In The Deep (Adele) by Go Radio
6. Till The World Ends (Britney Spears) by I See Stars
7. Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars) by Pierce The Veil
8. Runaway (Kayne West) by Silverstein
9. Fuck You! (Cee-lo Green) by Sleeping With Sirens
10. Super Bass (Nicki Minaj) by The Downtown Fiction
11. Roll Up (Wiz Khalifa) by The Ready Set
12. Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons) by Tonight Alive
13. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (Katy Perry) by Woe, Is Me

Punk Goes...Pop 4 Album Artwork



Recently I've attended an A Skylit Drive concert. Now I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell you guys this but during the concert A Skylit Drive filmed their upcoming music video. So look out for a new video from A Skylit Drive! Also I have a guess it'll be for the song "Cali Buds", but then again I'm guessing so I may be wrong. They never exactly said for which song their were filming for....or I missed it.



The Static Jacks - "Into The Sun" Official Music Video



A Static Lullaby is currently writing new music, although no official date has been released to when the new music is coming out. They are also not currently signed to Fearless Records but A Lullaby Factory Records which lead vocalist Joe Brown founded.

A Lullaby Factory Records



Fearless Records introduces a new member into the family, pop-punk band Tonight Alive.

For info about the band see "Band Of The Week" at the top of the blog.



So upset by any of these breakups?

My Answer: Obviously, Amely was one of my favorite bands. :P Eye Alaska was amazing too, but it was looking that way for a while...

"I just discovered a talking Snooki pen....our world is doomed."

~Beau Bokan

November 12, 2011

Rock On! :iconairguitarsoloplz:



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xxFEExx Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Student General Artist
*runs over to Fearless Records Crew page*

Am I upset by the breakups? mmmm, no, not really. I didnt listen to those bands :/
winter-ame Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
I see. lol It was terrible hearing that Amely broke up. They were one of my fav bands. :P
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