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EDIT: If you suggest a song and I decide to use it, on the front page under 'Song of the Week' it'll say suggested by (insert your username here). :3

I'm always stumped for what band/song to use for the 'song of the week'. I need some help from you guys! Please leave a suggestion!

So any suggestions for what bands/songs should be on the for the 'song of the week'?

If a link is 'broken' or the video from youtube is removed, please notify me via a comment here or a note to my deviantart winter-ame.

Songs used:

:bulletblue:Curse of the Virgin Canvas
:bulletblue:A Most Profound Quiet
:bulletblue:The Murderer
:bulletblue:The Thespian
:bulletblue:What Goes Around Comes Around [Justin Timberlake cover]

:bulletblue:Hello World
:bulletblue:Sing To You

The Aquabats!:
:bulletblue:Radio Down!
:bulletblue:The Shark Fighter!
:bulletblue:Super Rad

Artist VS Poet:
:bulletblue:Assurance Closure
:bulletblue:Damn Rough Night
:bulletblue:Lisa Marie

As It Is:
:bulletblue:Can't Save Myself

At The Drive-In:
:bulletblue:One Arm Scissor

August Burns Red:

:bulletblue:God Wears Gucci
:bulletblue:Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted
:bulletblue:Purple Dog
:bulletblue:To Hell And Back

Breathe Carolina:
:bulletblue:Down [Jay Sean cover]
:bulletblue:Hello Fascination
:bulletblue:I'm The Type Of Person To Take It Personal
:bulletblue:Tripped And Fell In Portland

:bulletblue:Another Day

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!:
:bulletblue:In Friends We Trust

The Color Morale:
:bulletblue:Suicide; Stigma (Featuring Dave Stephens)

The Downtown Fiction:
:bulletblue:Cool Kids

Eve 6:

Every Avenue:
:bulletblue:Fall Apart
:bulletblue:Tell Me I'm a Wreck
:bulletblue:Where Were You?

Eye Alaska:
:bulletblue:American Landslide
:bulletblue:A Storm in the Child's Fountain

Follow My Lead:

For All Those Sleeping:
:bulletblue:I'm Not Dead Yet
:bulletblue:Outbreak Of Heartache

Forever The Sickest Kids:

Get Scared:
:bulletblue:Told Ya So

Go Radio:
:bulletblue:Any Other Heart
:bulletblue:Goodnight Moon

:bulletblue:Here (In Your Arms)

Ice Nine Kills:
:bulletblue:Let's Bury The Hatchet...In Your Head

Jason Lancaster:
:bulletblue:Come Back

Let's Get It:
:bulletblue:Duck Duck Grey Goose
:bulletblue:We Don't Care

:bulletblue:Bring 'Em Down

The Maine:
:bulletblue:Growing Up
:bulletblue:I Must Be Dreaming
:bulletblue:Listen To Your Heart
:bulletblue:Right Girl
:bulletblue:Santa Stole My Girlfriend
:bulletblue:Untangle Me

Mayday Parade:
:bulletblue:Jamie All Over
:bulletblue:Kids In Love
:bulletblue:In My Head [Jason Derulo cover]
:bulletblue:Save Your Heart
:bulletblue:Terrible Things

Motionless In White:
:bulletblue:Break The Cycle
:bulletblue:Ghosts In the Mirror

Oceans Ate Alaska:
:bulletblue:Vultures And Sharks

Pierce The Veil:
:bulletblue:Bulls In The Bronx
:bulletblue:King For A Day (Featuring Kellin Quinn)

Real Friends:
:bulletblue:I Don't Love You Anymore
:bulletblue:Loose Ends

A Skylit Drive:
:bulletblue:Drown The City
:bulletblue:Ex Marks The Spot
:bulletblue:Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) [Journey cover]
:bulletblue:This Isn't The End
:bulletblue:Those Cannons Could Sink A Ship
:bulletblue:Too Little Too Late
:bulletblue:XO Skeleton

Sparks The Rescue:
:bulletblue:Pine Tree State
:bulletblue:We Love Like Vampires
:bulletblue:Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With

The Static Jacks:

A Static Lullaby:
:bulletblue:Everybody's Got A Lil' Fonz N' Em
:bulletblue:Hang Em' High
:bulletblue:Toxic [Britney Spears cover]

The Summer Set:

Tonight Alive:
:bulletblue:The Ocean

Upon This Dawning:
:bulletblue:Embrace The Evil

Wild Party:
:bulletblue:When I Get Older

The Word Alive:
:bulletblue:Battle Royale
:bulletblue:How To Build An Empire

Youth In Revolt:
:bulletblue:There For You

Song Suggestions:


Thank you to hiya-its-steph for the linking to the song idea.

Rock On! :iconairguitarsoloplz:



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