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Song Of The Week

For Rules go here:…

Song Of The Week:
(Song of the week changes every Sunday/when I remember)

The Wake
Suggested by: -nobody-

Destroy everything cleanse
Wipe away the filth
Set fire to your waste
Burn everything
Back into dirt
Burn everything

Flood, drown the earth
Flood, drown the earth
It's what we deserve

Rehash the poisons
You breathe in the air
Tear down what you say your father created
Constructing buildings over buildings
Conceal history like a shameful scar
This world has lived for a million years with more to come
It's only a matter of time until you choke on your indifference
Struggling to breathe as the water fills your lungs
Trying hard to scream as it rises into your throat

The reckless, the careless
Will reign until the oceans rise

Flood, drown the earth
Flood, drown the earth
It's what we deserve (x5)

This world has lived for a million years with more to come
It's only a matter of time until you choke on your indifference
Struggling to breathe as the water fills your lungs
Trying hard to scream as it rises into your throat

Wake up
And save yourself
The sea will reclaim
What it worked to create
Wake up
Save yourself
Pick up the pieces
Ask for forgiveness

~August Burns Red…

Album: Found In Far Away Places
Year: 2015
Length: 3:36

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Hello! I know, I know...  It’s been totally silent here. Well, the truth is, Ronnie and I have been busy, and sadly haven’t really found the time to do anything for the group... But... I have some spare time now, and figured I’d do an update.... So here you go, update # 15!

:bulletpurple: The White Noise
The Fearless Family is proud to sign this new band! Give them a warm welcome! Also, they have released a new single called “Bloom” ! Check it out!…
They have released another new song called Red Eye Lids! What’s so great about this song? You can download it for FREE! Get it here!

:bulletgreen: Mayday Parade
They have also released a new single title "One Of Them Will Destroy The Other” featuring Dan Lambton. Go watch it here:…
They have also released yet another single titled ”Letting Go” . Watch it here:…

:bulletpurple: Get Scared
They have announced a brand new album coming out called ”Demons” Track listing goes as follows: 1. Buried alive 2. Suffer 3. Addict 4. Under My Skin 5. Demons 6. The Devil’s in the Details 7. What if I'm Right? 8. Take a Bow 9. Relax, Relapse 10. Second Guessing 11. R.I.P.
Watch the official music video for there song ”Buried Alive” here:…

:bulletgreen: As It Is
They have released a music video for their song titled ”Sorry” which was filmed while they were preforming at Warped Tour. Watch it here:…

:bulletpurple: Wage War
They have announced their new debut album titled ”Blueprints” which will be released on 27.Nov.15. Track listing goes as follows: 1. Hollow 2. Twenty One 3. Alive 4. Blueprints 5. Youngblood 6. The River 7. Deadlocked 8. Enemy 9. Spineless 10. Basic Hate 11. Desperate.
They have released the music video for their song called Youngblood Listen to it here:…

:bulletgreen: Ice Nine Kills
Fearless Records welcomes Ice Nine Kills to the family. Catch them headlining the "Fearless Records Presents...Fresh Faces Tour" with Wage War and The White Noise Band joining them this fall! (Citations to the fearless website). They have also announced a new album coming up titled Every Trick In The Book! Track listing goes as follows: 1. The Nature Of The Beast 2. Communion Of The Cursed 3. Bloodbath & Beyond 4. The Plot Sickens 5. Star-Crossed Enemies 6. Me, Myself & Hyde 7. Alice 8. The People In The Attic 9. Tess-Timony 10. Hell In The Hallways. The album will be available for purchase on 4.Dec.15.

:bulletpurple: Blessthefall
They have released their album called To Those Left Behind recently. It is their 5th album, and you can get it at your local retailer or any place, really.

:bulletgreen: My Enemies & I
They have recently signed with the fearless family! Give them a warm welcome!

:bulletpurple: August Burns Red
They have recently premiered their new song titled "Ghosts (feat. Jeremy Mckinnon)"! Go watch it here!…

:bulletgreen: Tonight Alive
They have announced a new album to be released on 4.Mar.16 which is titled Limitless! Track listing goes as follows: 1. To Be Free 2. Oxygen 3. Human Interaction 4. Drive 5. How Does It Feel? 6. Waves 7. Everywhere 8. Power of One 9. I Defy 10. We Are 11. The Greatest.

I’m not surprised there was so much, and I didn’t even get all of them! Well... It’s ok, I’m sure you guys know about the ones that I skipped.. Have a great day/night!

~Jackie :iconjlyn0430:
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ClipItsWings Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011  Student General Artist
:0 i should do something for a static lullaby so i can join
(2 Replies)
I'm not sure as to how to do this but here goes:
If there is anyone (besides myself) from Maine, Toby & Alex of Sparks the Rescue are doing an acoustic show on Saturday the 22nd at Mechanic Falls Grange hall. Also they are releasing their new cd this Spring, April, I believe it is.
(2 Replies)
XxRazorAngelxX Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011
do you like miss may i?
they are on fearless records :D
i love them
you should add a folder for that group
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
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XxRazorAngelxX Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
hello :) thanks.
its a cool group
but im not sure what to do lol :/ (if there is anything im supposed to)
but im glad you added me
love the music :tunes:
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MissionComplete Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2010
Do you guys know about the Fearless Summer Sampler?
It came with September's issue of Alternative Press. The track has 16 songs.
Here are the songs: Tell Me I'm A Wreck, Epipphany, Sing To You, IDGAF, To Hell And Back, Adorable, Good Night Moon, The Thespian, Into Your Arms, Those Cannons Can Sink A Ship!, I'm Not Dead Yet, Kids In Love, Duck Duck Grey Goose, Hello Mexico, American Landslide, and Ghost In The Mirror. The had a Poster-like thing for Punk Goes Classic Rock in it too.

I don't know, it just seemed important.
(1 Reply)
shadowcat470 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Student
Totally love Breathe Carolina. *Joins*
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fireflykaulitz Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010   Interface Designer
awesome group :] *joins* (:
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rayray-152 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
ummm, where do we submit our contest entries? cause iz only letting us submit in 'featured' do u wanna em there?
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xxFEExx Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Student General Artist
hey so I'm entering the seasons contest but I'm going away for the next four days and I won't have Internet access. would I be a le to submit my entry after I get back even though it's after the contest closes? if not don't worry about it
(3 Replies)
FadeLikePhotographs Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i see that the maine is on the list of bands you support... does that mean you accept the maine fan art too?(:
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